Tale of a rescued painting

It is safe to say that this painting was started about 17 years ago. While still living in Minnesota, I was a more than an occasional golf widow once the weather would finally warmed. I decided I’d spend a day in artsy Loring Park in Minneapolis, sketching with charcoal and snapping some pics for painting. I remember taking a break for lunch at the trendy outdoor Loring Cafe. I felt so sophisticated, a modern day Toulouse, sketching from my table……until I went to the restroom and discovered the charcoal over half my face. Lesson learned….Do not swat gnats from you face in buggy Minnesota with charcoaled hands. Still, a lovely day I will always remember, and with it came a decent sketch and photo which inspired a painting never finished for 17 years. The poor thing came inches from the dumpster a few weeks ago. Something stopped me. A decent composition? The chance to paint Minnesota water again? What did I have to lose but some paint. One day I’ll go back and take a walk over that bridge, and eat at that cafe, if still there.

Loring Park Bridge 24”x30” Oil on Canvas


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